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Khalilah Pianta

Growing up in small town Australia, Khalilah used photography as a way to capture and define those small moments of quiet beauty in between the constants of small town humdrum living. 

At 18 she moved to 'the big smoke' in Melbourne and it was here she began constantly shooting her artist and musician friends, many beer soaked films and broken cameras later she packed it all in and moved to Los Angeles in 2014. Making the move to a city she'd never seen, full of people she'd never met, was the catalyst to a much needed personal and creative revitalization, reigniting her passion for life and photography (in her mind, the two go hand in hand).

Currently back residing in Los Angeles, she is still never without a camera (often with two), Khalilah shoots as she sees.

"my photographs are about the light and the feeling, all moments are perfect, be it the wild or the mundane"